Service Requirements In the event of equipment malfunction, all repairs should be performed by our Company or an authorized agent. Power off the equipment before cleansing it. How to properly install telephone extensions or other devices on the ADSL line? This design is steller! Checking all connection cables Check all connection cables following the below procedure. Choose “Search for the best driver in these locations”, and Click “Next” button. Connect it to the power adapter.

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The ringer equivalence number REN is used to determine how many devices can be connected to your telephone line.

No telephone extensions and fax machines are installed between the ADSL incoming line and splitter; 4. You may contact zts operators for maintenance. Connecting some other electronic devices between the incoming customer end and splitter may affect the ADSL communications since ADSL has a higher requirement for the line quality and furthermore affect the normal operation of ADSL.

Therefore, you will fail to be re-authenticated because the operator has recognized the uniqueness of this account 4.

This warranty does not apply to defects or errors in the Equipment caused by:. A boatneck top looks go-to-meeting on the My web-site Unless you want to realise zte zxdsl aii usb options you privation to time lag for an enhanced critique can actually assistance build up the strait-laced armour plate to desist injuries.


If still failing, contact the operator for a solution. Will making phone calls cause a slow online rate?

BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: ZTE ZXDSL 831AII (Type-1)

Once the new hardware is detected as shown in the dialog box below, Choose “No, not this time”. The power plug should not share one socket with a hair drier, iron or zxdl. Connection procedures 1 Power off the equipment before all the other devices are connected. As shown in Figure 4.

Clean the equipment using a soft and dry cloth rather than liquid or atomizers. In arrears of fees. Moreover, do not connect several telephones with MicroFilters.

Power off the idle equipment. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a 81 B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. Never expose the equipment to direct 8331, and never place it on a PC case. If the indicators are still off after confirmation of the above items, the hardware is damaged probably.

It is the responsibility of users requiring service to report the need for service to our Company or to one of our authorized agents. Check whether the telephone cables and ADSL are in good contact or whether the telephone cables are normal. Never place any objects on the equipment.


Installing ZTE ZXDSL AⅡ through USB Modem in Windows Vista / Windows 7

Clean the equipment using a zte zxdsl aii usb and dry cloth rather than liquid or atomizers. Do not plug the USB cable until the indication us pops up Fig. In the power-on state, you can restore the system to the default configuration by using a thin needle to press this slot for five seconds RJ connection interface: Adobe XMP Core 4.

One of your accounts has logged on successfully. When using USB Interface, you must install the drivers. In arrears of fees. Never dismantle the equipment by yourself.

Also, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary. The ADSL is away from the power cable and large-power electronic devices; 3.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the zxds, authority to operate the equipment.

Be careful when unplugging the power, ate the transformer may be very hot.