I tried with wine but still doesn’t work. As far as I can tell, you can download them here:. Finally, I share via network Dymo LabelWriter s attached to Ubuntu and Raspibian with other Linuxes including Archlinux and I’ve found that to make printing via network e. I have been shipping enough 3D printed objects on 3DHubs that I became annoyed with printing out labels with my inkjet and then tapeing them to padded envelopes. OpenOffice Label Merge OpenOffice offers a selection of preconfigured formats for users who need to print their own self-adhesive labels.

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Afterwards, the lpstat see manpage command is used labelwriterr listing all installed printers. The script expects a string at the command line, for example. Finally references for installing and using Dymo under Linux: You will see example of -o raw in https: The labels are shot vertically out of the thermo-printer, so I needed to adjust the lettering to match; in other words, rotated through 90 degrees in landscape. As final installation step we need to find out the address of the printer for being able to register it.

This blog post describes the necessary steps in more detail.

Once the drivers were installed I added the printer using the built in Ubuntu add printer wizard and installed glabels. Using the Common Unix Printing System, you can configure and manage your printer from the command line. The LabelWriter Turbo also prints on Linux.


Labels bring order to the mess of wires hiding behind the Perlmeister’s home routers and organize the treasures hoarded in a multitude of boxes.

For reaching the same goal on headless Linux requires some more steps. If everything works fine, your printer should now print a label linus the dummy text.

Printer: Dymo-CoStar LabelWriter | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Please execute the command shown below and check, if the result looks similar. I set up the shipping labels in the preferences for the printer and then went into my paypal multi order shipping options and adjusted the following settings. This file is then sent to the printer for processing it by submitting the lp command see manpage. For getting started, I bought a Dymo LabelWriter Later I’ve added driver via cups web interface like any other driver, labdlwriter right ppd file.

I am interested in programmatically printing labels generated in a Linux environment. The label dimensions are set using the PageSize option, which expects the length and width — not in millimeters or inches, but in points.

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Some brief research on Google showed that you need to multiply millimeters by around 1. Mike’s homepage can be found at http: I need to install DYMO software for labelwriter labelwritsr, but i can’t… any help?

Label Maker » Linux Magazine

Thanks to these simple tricks, labelwtiter label printer positions both short and slightly longer lines of text with up to 25 characters perfectly at the center of the document; the call to cmd-print fires up the printer, and the label comes flying out.


The -d parameter specifies the name of device to choose for printing and should match the one you chose while installing the printer. I tried with wine but labelwrtier doesn’t work. Of course, a thermal printer that can only print black without grayscale limits your artistic options somewhat, but what about printing sticky labels with barcode?

The stringc method called in line 28 prints the string passed in as its fifth argument in the middle of the PDF document. Sign up using Email and Password. According to the conversion table I used, 19 labelwriyer are about 54 points. The next step of installing the printer in a Linux environment was not that easy.

dymo-cups-drivers 1.4.0-8 source package in Ubuntu

labelwriteg OpenOffice offers a selection of preconfigured formats for users who need to print their own self-adhesive labels. The final argument the lpr command expects is the name of the PDF file with the text to be printed.

It makes sense to test the printer by printing some sample text.